Check out our new Pria’s Kitchen product line

Creating and playing in my kitchen is something i love to do. I enjoy and love the nitty gritty part of picking out the freshest ingredients found in the Metro. Tasting, smelling , measuring and cooking are the highlights of my workday. As my product line grows, I do my best to make sure that … Continue reading Check out our new Pria’s Kitchen product line


Bulad Cauli-Fried Rice

I am so happy that I thought of combining these two treats. First, I can have my bulad and all the cauli-rice i want without feeling guilty and weighed down. Second, cauli-rice is actually good for you. 😀  You can even serve this with a hard cooked egg, sunny side up or even scrambled eggs. … Continue reading Bulad Cauli-Fried Rice

Putanesca Con Bulad

I had a craving for putanesca one day, and I decided to try out a recipe using my gourmet bulad. Definitely come out with a winner. The perfect salty and savoury balance of the bulad, complemented this dish to a tee. Definitely something different to bring to a potluck or when you host a dinner … Continue reading Putanesca Con Bulad

Bulad Dynamite Sticks

I had dinner at my friend, Kitty's house and she served delicious dynamite sticks stuffed with ground chicken and served it with a sweet chilli sauce. I had a lightbulb moment and came up with these amazing dynamite sticks. Hope you like this and enjoy it. Perfect for potluck get togethers, and a great appetizer … Continue reading Bulad Dynamite Sticks