Check out our new Pria’s Kitchen product line

Creating and playing in my kitchen is something i love to do. I enjoy and love the nitty gritty part of picking out the freshest ingredients found in the Metro. Tasting, smelling , measuring and cooking are the highlights of my workday.

As my product line grows, I do my best to make sure that I do things with lots of love and heart.

Hope you get to try these out.

For more information, please contact sales at 0917.819.0545


Salmon Belly Sinipak, Crispy Carlic Bulad, Gourmet Bulad, Spanish Sardines
CHORIZO ROSA – An heirloom recipe passed down from my great grandmother.


CRISPY BULAD CHILI SAUCE – For those that like a bit of heat, this is perfect on just about anything.
Our no holds barred, JUMBO Pork and Shrimp Siomai. This goes perfectly with out Bulad Chili Sauce.


“Food nourishes the body and God’s Word nourishes the soul.”


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