Bulad Dynamite Sticks

I had dinner at my friend, Kitty’s house and she served delicious dynamite sticks stuffed with ground chicken and served it with a sweet chilli sauce. I had a lightbulb moment and came up with these amazing dynamite sticks. Hope you like this and enjoy it. Perfect for potluck get togethers, and a great appetizer as well.


Click HERE to see the video recipe.

For the Bulad dynamite sticks:

6  pcs          green chilli (sili pang sigang)

sliced open with seeds and ribs removed

2-3   tbsp    fresh basil, chopped

6  pcs          lumpia wrappers

3  tbsp         quesong puti, crumbled

2  tbsp         Pria’s Kitchen Gourmet Bulad

to taste, black pepper

water, for sealing lumpia wrapper



  1. In a bowl, combine Pria’s Gourmet Bulad, quesong puti, fresh basil and pepper. Stir to combine.
  2. Stuff the chillies with the bulad stuffing and wrap in lumpia wrappers. (watch video tutorial HERE to see how it’s done)
  3. Deep fry until golden brown and lay on a paper towel lined plate to drain excess oil. Serve with sweet chilli sauce (optional).

Serve and Enjoy!! 😀

Food nourishes the body as God’s Word nourishes the soul.


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