Pria’s Kitchen Bulad

New things are being developed at Pria’s Kitchen. The buzz in our kitchen is incredible! The meeting of minds and our creative juices flowing just to come up with a new line of your favourite bottled products.

Our first ‘baby’…. Pria’s Kitchen’s Gourmet Bulad. 🙂 What is bulad? Here’s a brief description. Hope this helps. 🙂

What is bulad

This recipe was inspired by my late grandma+ in Cebu. She was an amazing cook! All her dishes were so amazing. I was lucky enough to be able to learn some of her recipes.

Pria’s bottled Gourmet Bulad is an altered version of my grandma’s original dish, making sure that its ingredients are perfect for bottling and storing for longer periods. Each bottle is carefully made with lots of love and zero preservatives. With each bite, you can be sure that what you’re eating is completely all-natural, preservative free and zero msg. (i am allergic).

We will be coming up with innovative video recipes for you to try at home, share with family and loved ones, or enjoy eating it with friends.

Click on the links below.

Pria’s Gourmet Bulad Fried Rice

Pria’s Gourmet Bulad-Saba Crisp Bites

Away from the Philippines and missing home? This will definitely bring you back. Something different from the usual bottled tuyo, this gourmet bulad is something new and exciting. Definitely worth a try.

This is our introductory price.

how to order bulad.png

A big hug and lots of blessings from my kitchen to yours!

Food nourishes the body as God’s Word nourishes the soul.




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